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 Dungeon XP Rank XP Hour XP Tier Time to Clear Glypth XP Rank  Mobs Boss Notering No Q
 Affixer du INTE vill ha  (I alla fall inte vid boost)
 Lightning Storm Lightning gathers above the player. Get into the protection dome to avoid severe outcomes.
 Empowered Elites (Suppressor) Elites always have the "Suppressor" affix.
 Nightmare Portals Red portals periodically spawn in the dungeon, unleashing more hellish demons from any region in Sanctuary.
 Empowered Elites (Cold Enchanted) Elites always have the "Cold Enchanted" affix.
 Monster Barrier Monsters gain 30% of their Maximum Life as a Barrier.
 Stormbane's Wrath Stormbane's Wrath chases players around, releasing deadly pulses when reaching a player. (despawns when boss objective completed)
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