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Typ Aspect Effect Class Source
Offensive Abundant Energy Crackling Energy has a [30-40]% chance to chain to an additional enemy. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Ancient Flame While both bonuses from the Esu's Ferocity Key Passive are active, your Attack Speed is increased by [40-50]%. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Armageddon An hail of Meteorites falls during Inferno, dealing [X] Fire Damage on impact. Your Meteorites Immobilize enemies for 3 seconds. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Battle Caster's Lucky Hit: When your Conjuration Skills hit you have up to a [30-40%] chance to gain +1 Rank to your Conjuration skills for 12 seconds. This can stack up to 3 times. Sorcerer Drop
Utility Binding Embers Flame Shield lets you move unhindered through enemies. Enemies you move through while Flame Shield is active are Immobilized for [2.0-3.0] seconds. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Biting Cold When you Freeze an enemy there is a [30-40%] chance they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds. Sorcerer Forgotten Depths, Dry Steppes
Mobility Bounding Conduit Gain [20-25]% Movement Speed for 3 seconds after Teleporting. Sorcerer Komdor Temple, Dry Steppes
Mobility Charged Collecting Crackling Energy increases your Movement Speed by [10-15%] for 4 seconds. Sorcerer Maddux Watch, Scosglen
Resource Concentration Your Mana Regeneration is increased by [20-30%][x] if you have not taken damage in the last 3 seconds. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Conflagration While channeling Incinerate, your Burning damage is increased by [20-30]%[x] Sorcerer Light's Watch, Fractured Peaks
Offensive Control You deal [30-40]%[x] more damage to Immobilized, Stunned, or Frozen enemies. Sorcerer Sunken Library, Kehjistan
Resource Efficiency Casting a Basic skill reduces the Mana cost of your next Core skill by [15-25]% Sorcerer Domhainne Tunnels, Scosglen
Offensive Elementalist's Core or Mastery Skills cast at or above 100 Mana gain a [20.0 - 40.0%] increased Critical Strike Chance. Sorcerer Pallid Delve, Dry Steppes
Defensive Encased While Deep Freeze is active, you restore [20-30%] of your Maximum Life and Mana per second. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Engulfing Flames While enemies are affected by more Damage Over Time than their total Life, you deal [30-40]%[x] increased Burning damage to them. Sorcerer Drop
Defensive Everliving You take [20-25%] less damage from Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies. Sorcerer Drop
Mobility Flamewalker's Coming in contact with your Firewall grants you [15-25%] Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Sorcerer Cultist Refuge, Fractured Peaks
Utility Fortune Your Lucky Hit Chance is increased by [10-20]%[+] while you have a Barrier active. Sorcerer Drop
Defensive Frostblitz Frost Nova gains an additional Charge but the Cooldown per Charge is increased by [40-30%] Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Frozen Memories The Avalanche Key Passive now applies to 1 additional casts. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Frozen Orbit Frozen Orb stays in place after reaching its destination and explodes 2 additional times for [20-30]% of its damage. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Frozen Tundra While Deep Freeze is active, exploding Ice Spikes form in the area, dealing [X] Cold damage. Your Ice Spikes have a [30-40%] increased explosion radius. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Frozen Wake While Ice Armor is active, you leave behind exploding Ice Spikes that deal [X] damage. Your Ice Spikes Chill enemies for [15%]. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Glacial When you cast Blizzard it will periodically spawn exploding Ice Spikes that deal [X] damage. Your Ice Spikes deal [15%] increased damage to Frozen enemies. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Gravitational Lucky Hit: Burning Damage has up to a [12-17%] chance to restore 10 Mana. Sorcerer Drop
Resource Incendiary Lucky Hit: Burning Damage has up to a [5-10%] chance to restore 10 Mana. Sorcerer Tomb of the Saints, Kehjistan
Offensive Mage-Lord's The Vyr's Mastery Key Passive's Damage Reduction is increased by [20-30%] for each Close enemy, up to [60-90%]. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Overwhelming Currents Unstable Currents has a [10-20]% chance to cast an additional Shock Skill. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Piercing Cold Ice Shards pierce [3-4] times, dealing [50-100]% less damage per subsequent enemy hit. Sorcerer Dead Man's Dredge, Fractured Peaks
Resource Prodigy's Using a Cooldown restores [15-25] Mana. Sorcerer Witchwater, Hawezar
Resource Recharging Each time Chain Lightning bounces off you, gain [4-6] Mana. Sorcerer Zenith, Fractured Peaks
Offensive Serpentine You may have 1 additional Hydra active, but Hydra's duration is reduced by [20-10%] Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Shattered Explosions from the Shatter Key Passive deal [30-40%] increased damage if enemies die while Frozen. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Shattered Stars Meteorites fall around Meteor, dealing [X] Fire damage on impact. Your Meteorites additionally Burn enemies they hit for [X] damage over [X] seconds. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Shredding Blades Ice Blades' chance to apply Vulnerable is increased by 20%[+] and the Vulnerable duration is increased by 4 seconds. You gain 15–25%[x] Vulnerable Damage. Sorcerer Drop
Utility Singed Extremities After Immobilize wears off, enemies are Slowed by [40-60]% for 4 seconds Sorcerer Earthen Wound, Hawezar
Defensive Snowguard's While within your own Blizzard, you take [20-25%] less damage. Sorcerer Fetid Mausoleum, Hawezar
Defensive Snowveiled Casting Ice Armor makes you Unstoppable for [2.0-3.0] seconds. Sorcerer Sarat's Lair, Scosglen
Offensive Splintering Energy Lightning Spear has a [41-50]% chance to spawn an additional Lightning Spear when you cast it. Sorcerer Crumbling Hekma, Kehjistan
Offensive Stable While Unstable Currents is not active, your Shock Skills have a [7-12%] chance to trigger a free cast from it. Sorcerer Drop
Offensive Static Cling Meteor deals [35-50]%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage against Healthy targets. Sorcerer Wretched Delve, Scosglen
Offensive Storm Swell You deal [11-20%] increased damage to Vulnerable enemies while you have a Barrier. Sorcerer Onyx Hold, Dry Steppes
Offensive Three Curses Meteor deals [35-50]%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage against Healthy targets. Sorcerer Serpent's Lair, Hawezar
Offensive Unbroken Tether Chain Lightning has a [30-40%] chance to chain 2 additional times. Sorcerer Drop
Defensive Unwavering Taking direct damage has a [2-6%] chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills. Sorcerer Putrid Aquifer, Kehjistan
By Draken 2023